Custom security for your cards only - Magicard's patented HoloKote security watermark can be customised to your own logo or security design.
Custom HoloKote prints your logo in a grid pattern across the card. Custom HoloKote Flex enables a fully flexible and customisable watermark in any size or position on the card surface.
Custom HoloKote enables an organization to implement their own personalized HoloKote watermark into their standard print process. This watermark could be the organization’s logo, or some other unique security design. For a small one-off cost, an organization can request their Custom HoloKote from Magicard. Custom HoloKote activation kits can only be generated by Magicard and a secure record of all kits created is kept to prevent counterfeiting and fraud.
A Custom HoloKote activation kit consists of a CD containing the customized design and a unique RFID card. The customized design is loaded from the CD to the flash memory of the printer via a connected PC. The user must then insert a RFID card, tied to that specific custom design, into a special slot in the printer to enable the production of the customized watermark on the ID badge during the print cycle. Without the secure RFID card, the watermark will not be printed.


● 本地化服务,顶级服务团队
● 军工企业,女皇勋章获得者
● 丰富的软件配置与Magicard打印机相宜得章
● HoloKote等多项专利技术持有者
● 众多安全配置选项,业内翘楚

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