Card encoding enables you to add secure data and information onto proximity cards, smart cards & magnetic stripes. Choose from Mag Stripe, Contact chip, Contactless & Combi encoding.
Incorporating an encoding option within a Magicard ID card printer enables it to securely write data and information to the ID card during the printing process, thereby augmenting the printed visual security. With magnetic stripe cards, this data is written to the magnetic strip, usually on the reverse of the card. With smart cards, this information is written directly to the memory chip on the card, either through physical contact with the chip or contactlessly via an antenna in the encoding device and within the smartcard itself. Magicard printers support all types of encoding devices.
All Magicard printers support ISO standard 7811 compatible HiCo encoding for magnetic stripe cards. Magicard printers also offer dual coercively Hi Co / Lo Co stripe encoding options which can offer encrypting of all three tracks.
Smart cards contain an integrated chip. The chip can host 100 times more data than a magnetic stripe. It can be reconfigured to add, erase or edit any hosted data. Optional chip personalisation, compliant with the ISO 7816-2 data encoding standard, is available on all Magicard printers.
All Magicard printers can be fitted with an optional encoding device that supports iClass, Mifare and Desfire contactless technologies. Other technologies, including Legic, can be supported by the Rio Pro and Prima 4.
For added flexibility and for the encoding of dual interface cards, all Magicard printers can be fitted with an optional combi encoder. This encoding support both contact chip (link back to contact chip) and iClass, Mifare and Desfire contactless encoding. (link back to contactless)


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