Magicard Ultra LE 激光镭射证卡安全打印系统

The Ultra-LE is the ideal solution for government and private organizations to quickly and securely print highly personalized ID cards across multiple sites directly to end users. The Ultra-LE integrates seamlessly with the Magicard Prima 4 ID card printer and is a FIPS-201 certified instant issuance station.
    ● Fully compatible with the Magicard Prima 4 for instant issuance of personalized high resolution color ID cards with laser etched features
    ● Engraved visual security that is both durable and difficult to replicate or alter
    ● Advanced laser engine for highly secure personalization
    ● Small and lightweight, ideal for decentralized card processing
    ● Low maintenance for easy field support
    ● Eco-friendly


● 本地化服务,顶级服务团队
● 军工企业,女皇勋章获得者
● 丰富的软件配置与Magicard打印机相宜得章
● HoloKote等多项专利技术持有者
● 众多安全配置选项,业内翘楚

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