Magicard TrustID证卡设计制作软件-专业的制卡软件

Instantly print professional, secure ID badges with this simple to use software. TrustID is cross compatible with any stand-alone or networked ID card printer, allowing users to easily design and print cards of any sizes. TrustID is available in three versions to suit your budget and security requirements.
    ● Drag and drop card builderLive
    ● previewImport CSV and text database files
    ● 1D and 2D bardcodes with 60+ intergrated bardcode formats
    ● Pre-defined templates
    ● Add Custom and composite database fields
    ● Label templates and printer support
    ● Full time technical support and all editions

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特点描述 TrustID: 基础版 TrustID: 专业版 TrustID: 高级智能版
Drag and drop card builder
Single active projects
Multipe active projects
1D and 2D barcodes with 60+ integrated barcode formats
Integrated database editor
Add custom & composite database fields
Integrated image capture
Import CSV and text database files
Print to any plastic card printer
Label templates and printer support
Live preview
Double-sided printing
Batch printing
Conditional elements and layers
Maximum 200 Record Internal Database
Unlimited Record Internal Database
Integrated reporting
User account management
Password protection
Magnetic stripe encoding
Smart card encoding


● 本地化服务,顶级服务团队
● 军工企业,女皇勋章获得者
● 丰富的软件配置与Magicard打印机相宜得章
● HoloKote等多项专利技术持有者
● 众多安全配置选项,业内翘楚

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